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Currently Accepting New Clients
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"Banking on Webflow
for their digital transformation"

The Challenge

Our friends at Sterling Bank were feeling a bit like they were stuck in the digital dark ages. They were working with a website built on a custom server, managed by external engineering teams.

Imagine, if you will, a world where every tiny website tweak required a team of engineers, a flurry of emails, and a couple of weeks. If you are a marketer, those thoughts will most likely send a shiver down your spine.

The Webflow Solution: No More Chained to the Old Ways

They didn't need a visual makeover, but they needed a behind-the-scenes revolution. A digital power-up, if you will. Enter Webflow, the knight in shining armor! A tool that could transform their small marketing team into a digital powerhouse. With Webflow, not only did they have a platform that made updates a breeze, but as an Enterprise customer, they had their own dedicated customer success manager and technical architect.

In the high-stakes world of banking and finance, where competition is fierce, Sterling Bank needed to find ways to stay nimble and ahead of the curve. Webflow allowed them to do just that - move faster, cut through the bottlenecks, and even improve their search engine rankings.

The Journey: Smooth Sailing Ahead

Nobody likes extra work on their plate, especially not the busy folks at Sterling Bank. We made sure our process was as seamless as a buttered-up seal sliding into the ocean. We focused on clear communication, updating them with quick videos and messages - no hour-long meetings here, thank you!

Instead, we utilized and focused on:

  • Async updates via text or video
  • Providing clear timelines via our client dashboard
  • Keeping things smooth thanks to scheduled checkpoints
You were very respectful of our time. The quick video updates were super helpful - usually, I'd have to sit through an hour-long meeting for the same info!
This is Abby's quote.
This is David's quote.
Laurie Pierce
[ Assistant Vice President, Sterling Bank & Trust]

The Transformation: From Frustration to Elation

Post-migration, the Sterling team is no longer bound by the chains of their old website. They are now making updates and changes that used to take weeks in just a few minutes. No more waiting for banners to be switched out or wrestling with a third party for every minor change. They now have the power of No Code at their fingertips!

But wait, there's more! We even added some digital wizardry to their routine tasks. The old way of doing things - like asking new clients to fill out PDF forms or having to rely on multiple departments for market updates - was as outdated as a VHS tape. Now, everything is done digitally, removing friction and improving the overall customer experience.

Having to constantly adjust changing market rates via PDF uploads was a drag, to say the least. Just like magic, the Sterling team now updates a central spreadsheet which triggers an automation that syncs with the Webflow CMS and updates the market rate pages across the entire site. It's not just efficient and cost-effective, it's a game-changer for their team’s daily process!

The Triumph: A Website to be Proud of

Sterling Bank's website has now transformed from a thorny problem into a shining asset. The marketing team can truly flex their creative muscles, leverage their website for marketing campaigns, and improve other business functions. The switch to Webflow has catapulted Sterling Bank's website into a new digital era, making life easier for their team, and their customer experience smoother than ever.

Just check out these impressive stats:

  • A whopping 50% increase in organic traffic.
  • Accessibility improved by 25%.
  • Website performance? Up by over 40%!
  • Over 10 hours per week saved on operational tasks.
The process was very transparent and very easy to follow. Never have I ever been part of a web launch that went so easily and smoothly.
This is Abby's quote.
This is David's quote.
Taruna Bajaj
[ VP of Marketing, Sterling Bank & Trust]

Indeed, one of the most appreciated aspects of our partnership was our flexibility. As Taruna adds, "We were going back and forth internally but eventually decided on migration over a redesign. You listened to us as a customer, gave us some options, and did not push for additional services."

After all, who said banking had to be boring? Not us, and certainly not Sterling Bank!

A Bright Future

So, as we wrap up this thrilling tale of transformation, let's remember the power of innovation. Sterling Bank & Trust, with their revamped website, are now well-equipped to conquer the digital banking space.  Instead of simply maintaining the site for the sake of it, they are now able to leverage it for marketing initiatives and even improve other business functions.

We're thrilled to have been part of their digital evolution. With Webflow at their side, who knows what they'll achieve next? One thing is for sure: the future looks bright, and we can't wait to see how they'll continue to innovate!

The Results

Over 50%
Increase in Organic Traffic
25% Better
Accessibility Scores
40 % Increase
In Performance & Site Speed
10 Hours / Week
Saved in Opex costs