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Success Story
5 min read

How Bench overcame poor performance and stagnating growth by migrating to Webflow.

Written by
Yannick Lorenz
Published on
June 5, 2024


"With Webflow, our marketing team can now control our destiny. This new way of working has increased our speed to market, resulting in higher organic traffic, SEO, and conversion rates."

Imagine launching new web pages in less than a day, leading to a 3X increase in page creation and a 30% boost in performance. This is what happened when Bench switched from Contentful to Webflow. Here’s how we did it and the impact it had for the Bench team.

Overcoming performance and growth limitations

Bench is a fintech startup offering accounting and bookkeeping services. They faced several problems with their old platform, Contentful, including poor performance, limited control for the marketing team, and stagnant growth. Their website had slow loading times and high bounce rates. Their website process was so reliant on their engineering team that they could only launch 1-2 pages a year. For five years, their website didn't grow, limiting their ability to reach new customers and improve their online presence.

Streamlining migration and empowering the marketing team

"The migration to Webflow Enterprise has already paid for itself. We can build high-intent pages much faster and attract better clients."

We began with thorough planning and strategizing. Our team identified ways to clean up and optimize the site, much like decluttering and reorganizing during a move. This initial phase was crucial to set a solid foundation for the migration.

Next, our developers rebuilt the site in Webflow, ensuring it was pixel-perfect. We moved over 1,000 pieces of content seamlessly, thanks to Webflow’s user-friendly tools. This included setting up a new CMS structure and uploading the content efficiently with just one click.

Additionally, we integrated Bench’s website with their CRM (Marketo) and established multitouch attribution to track lead sources accurately. Following best SEO practices, we improved performance significantly. To ensure a smooth transition, we provided personalized training sessions, created custom video libraries for ongoing support, and offered two weeks of live, 24/7 support post-launch.

To see a step-by-step overview of this process check out our case study breakdown video.

Watch the Video

Achieving rapid growth and enhanced website performance

The migration to Webflow brought significant benefits:

  • 450 new pages launched in six months Empowering the entire marketing team.
  • Improved keyword rankings Their ranked keywords increased from 2,000 to 4,900.
  • Better performance scores Their scores improved to 96 for performance, 100 for best practices, and 91 for SEO.

With Webflow, Bench's marketing team can now launch campaigns faster and experiment with new ideas more easily. This new capability has significantly reduced their reliance on the engineering team, allowing the marketing team to take control and act quickly. As a result, Bench has seen increased organic traffic, improved SEO, and higher conversion rates.

The increase in traffic and keyword rankings quickly offset the costs associated with the migration. Bench can now create high-intent pages faster, attracting better clients and improving overall efficiency.

With the ability to tailor pages to specific audiences and search intents, Bench can precisely target and optimize their web presence. This level of customization and responsiveness has revolutionized their marketing strategy and overall web performance.

Want to see the step-by-step playbook we used to make this project a success? Watch our case study breakdown video to learn more about migrating to Webflow:

Watch the recording


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